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Christmas 2007
San Diego 2007
Christmas 2006
Summer vacation 2006
Zion Narrows, Summer 2006
Christmas 2005
Oregon trip, Summer 2005
Florida trip, Summer 2005
Camping at Bear Lake, Summer 2005

Here are some more picture galleries:

Topaz Mountain, UT, March 2005
Bowls I turned for Christmas 2004
Pictures of dad
Visit to Pete's, February 2005
Niagara Falls, spring 2004
A litany of the cars I've owned
Spring break 2004 in St. George
Europe trip, March 2004
I saw my brother Pete in November 2003
I finished building a headboard
Summer vacation 2003
Finished woodworking project: bookcase
Kids visit - Christmas 2002
Christmas 2002 cruise to the Bahamas
Camping vacation at Pineview reservoir
Linda's family reunion, summer 2002
Barcelona in the spring of 2002
Fun during Christmas 2001
Linda and I went to Seattle for a weekend in December 2001.
I went to Paris for work in November 2001.
We went geode hunting in the desert and found lots of them.
A great time was had by all at Joe's Valley reservoir.
Here's a gallery of photos from the visit before and after the wedding.
We celebrated our wedding in the summer of 2001.
In April of 2001, Novell sent us to the Bahamas for a job well done, we also saw some of my family on the way.
Here's shots from Christmas of 2000.
We visited Zions National Park in the fall of 2000.
The Alaskan Adventure of 2000.
In the summer of 2000 my kids came out to Utah to visit.  The kids and I went to Dinosaur National Monument.   Then, we all went to Las Vegas and DisneyLand.
We saw the Utah Salt Flats and visited Wendover, Nevada in May of 2000.
In June of 2000 I saw my brother Pete in California.

I've also included some shots from my work travels.  I've managed to visit 49 US states (and 5 continents).  I have no idea how (or why) I'll make it to North Dakota.

In early 2000, I participated in a life transforming education hosted by Landmark Education.  I have remained active in their events and it makes a difference in my generating the life I choose for myself.

Photos: I started shooting digital in 1997 with a used Sony DSC-F1 (0.3 megapixel and 640x480 resolution).  Shots from 2000 to the end of 2004 were captured with an Olympus C3030Z digital camera.  It's 3.3 megapixel CCD was quite nice at its time.  In December 2004 I upgraded to a 6mp Canon Digital Rebel SLR.  My most commonly used lens is the Canon 17-40mm f4L.  I also use a Canon 28-135mm IS and a Canon 50mm f1.8  MkII.  In April of 2006, I upgraded to the 8mp Digital Rebel XT.

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