Skehan visit, pre- & post- wedding, 2001

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sprinkler play sprinkler play super Max relaxing Katie brotherly love
P6202141.jpg P6212144.jpg P6212150.jpg P6212160.jpg P6212167.jpg
Joe and his mom Connor and Grammy father and son Connor getting fitted Max & the flight helmut
P6212169.jpg P6222228.jpg P6222229.jpg P6222230.jpg P6222232.jpg
CD lost a tooth our kids our kids Katie and Grammy lots of us
P6222234.jpg P6222237.jpg P6222243.jpg P6222295.jpg P6222296.jpg
Joe and mom Sooz and her kids kids and Grammy Sooz and Mom Jeanie and Mom
P6222297.jpg P6222300.jpg P6232404.jpg P6232408.jpg P6232410.jpg
Whare are you up to? Chris and Jeanie Linda and mom Sam and the girls Bridal Vail falls
P6232412.jpg P6232413.jpg P6232414.jpg P6232422.jpg P6232424.jpg
Bridal Vail falls Bridal Vail falls Bridal Vail falls Bridal Vail falls Bridal Vail falls
P6232425.jpg P6232430.jpg P6232435.jpg P6232436.jpg P6232437.jpg
Bridal Vail falls Bridal Vail falls Sam and Connor tired Max CD

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