Project design here.  I stayed pretty close to the design, but reduced the width slightly to match the dimensions of the frame.

Material: birds-eye maple and mahogony

Finish: The mahogony has orange shellac and wipe on varnish.   The maple has a light coat of dye, super blond shellac and water base polyuathane acrylic.  This combinations give the mahagony a rich color that will darken some of time and for the maple, it pops the figure and keeps it light over time.

Highlights: It was my first time using water based finish, it worked quite well.  The coves on the raised panels were fun.

drawing.JPG (6660 bytes)
Here's the final piece ready to go. This is the last glue up.

finished.JPG (16386 bytes)

finalglueup.JPG (17268 bytes)

Here are all of the mahogony pieces ready to be finished This is the frame, before the legs were cut to length.

sticks.JPG (17003 bytes)

frame.JPG (19841 bytes)

I got the idea of using a cove to raise the panels from FWW#129. As always, once the stock is selected and sized, it's time to glue up the panels.

cove.JPG (16936 bytes)

glueup.JPG (15257 bytes)

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