Christmas 2004
Assorted turnings

I got a lathe in 2004.  I'd always wanted one.  After playing with it for a while, I decided that the best way to get used to using it was to make a bunch of gifts.  So, I built these bowls.  I got wood from my local wood stores, buffed them after turning an finished them with oil and/or wax.

Honey Locust.  It's a mostly orange color with some sapwood These mahogany scoops are very fun to make
Huon Pine is wonderful to work with.  It's rather soft, but turns beautifully smooth This leatherwood turned out to be my favorite.  It turned easily and came out very smooth.  It's color is gorgeous
I liked this she oak much more than I thought at first.  It was a little tricky to turn, but came out nicely. Everybody likes the zebra wood.  A bit challenging to turn
More she oak.  Notice how difference the perpendicular views are.
Walnut still on the lathe chuck


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