My collection of recipes

I've enjoyed cooking for many years.  I have a few that I particularly like here to share.  I spent years following David (my ex-brother-in-law) around, measuring the stuff he puts into his creations. Several of his are here. I've also gotten a few good ones from my best friend Chris.

Poached Salmon - A quick, great tasting and very healthy dish.
BBQ Ribs
- These are awesome, fall-off-the-bone ribs.
Basic Terriyaki Chicken - This is a quick and easy way to prepare the famous white meat.
Thai Basil Beef or Pork - One for which Chris is famous,  it's very authentic and quite tasty.
Parmesean Chicken  -   Jeanne introduced me to this great moist way to prepare chicken as well as pork chops.
Cesear Dressing - A classic.  I followed David around many times before I perfected my reproduction.
Chicken Broth - Step beyond just a can of this starter for many recipes.
Ham Quiche - This is a quick cheat at a quiche that works every time.
Leg of Lamb - Tender as can be...  Also a great recipe for pork tenderloin.
Honey Grilled Pork - a yummy mix of honey and rosemary.
Pico de Gallo  - that delicious freash salsa for dipping chips. Fresh tomatoes make the difference.
Roast - Another classic, this time with garlic to make the difference.
Pumpkin Seeds - My very favorite thing to make with the kids.
Spring Rolls - Lights, freash and tasty.  A great apitizer or a meal in themselves.
Smoothie - This is a new favorite drink around the house.
Cherry Chicken - a yummy chicken dish.
Stir-Fry Asparagus with Basil - Here's a great way to have this wonderful spring veggie.

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