Barcelona, spring 2002

I had to go to Barcelona with work for BrainShare (an annual conference).  Linda went with me and we had a little time to see the city and play.  It's a beautiful place.  I was struck by all the trees on the streets all over the town.  We saw several of the places for which it's famous.  We also had a very adventurous trip into the countryside - details here.

Here are some shots from all around the city.  Click here for more.

There's a cool place that's an open walking area called La Rambla.  The Picasso museum is nearby along with lots of restaurants and outdoor cafes.  We ended up there several times.  More shots are here.

One of the famous landmarks is Temple de la Sagrada Familia.  It's a church that has 4 faces.  It's been under construction for over 100 years and will take at least another 100 to complete.  More.

The famous artist Gaudi lived in Barcelona and left his mark upon the city.  One of the places where you can see his work is Parc Guel.  He lived there for many years and built an entire park of his work.  More.

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