Project design here.  I stayed pretty close to the design, but reduced the width and included one less moveable shelf.

Material: hard maple

Finish: Water based dye. Watco natural, 2 coats. Orange shellac 1lb cut 2 coats.

Highlights: blind sliding dovetails for fixed shelves and half-blind dovetails for top.

My first step was to glue up each pair of boards to create the stock I needed. Here are the 5 glued up panels of ready to work stock.

With the panels to size, I cut the blind sliding dovetail slots for the lower 3 panels My DW621 has a very small base plate and I found it difficult to register well against my Leigh jig.  Here's my slip, and the repair I made.

Detail of the blind sliding dovetail assembly.
The top of the case is held with half-blind dovetails shown here. As I head out for a week of working on the road, here's my pile of pieces.
After a coat of dye, here's the stock with two coats of Watco natural. After the Watco, I added two coats of orange shellac.  Now it's assembly time:

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