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Zions National Park Joe's Valley Reservoir Strawberry Pinnacles Bridal Vails Falls


Much to my delight, it turns out that Utah is a very cool place!  I used to think of the activities being oriented to the winter, but for me, there's much more to do in the summer.

Southern Utah is filled with breathtaking national parks such as Zions.  There are extensive reservoirs that offer cool recreation.  The salt flats are quite the site.   Dinosours used to live here and I've even dug up geodes in the desert.

Here are some picture gallerys of places in Utah:

Camping vacation at Pineview reservoir.
We had a great time geode hunting in the desert at the south end of the Dougway Proving Grounds.  Summer 2001
Zions National Park in the fall of 2000.
Dinosaur National Monument with the kids in the summer of 2000.
Deer Valley reservoir and Heber Valley with the kids in the summer of 2000.
The Utah Salt Flats are amazing.  Yes, it's salt.


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