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Our Family

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First and formost, I acknowledge my extraordinary wife Linda.  We met on after my divorce in 1999.  My life has been transformed through our relationship and I am happier than I have ever been.

We were married in November of 2000 and celebrated our wedding at a ceremony with our children and friends in June of 2001.

My mom and sisters and a brother live down south, and my other brother is out west.  Linda's sister lives up in the northwest, her brother overseas, her mother in the west and her father in the southwest.

Kids came out in the summer of 2003 for a cool vacation
Kids visit - Christmas 2002
Camping vacation at Pineview reservoir.
Here's some shots from Linda's family reunion.
Fun during Christmas 2001
Here's a gallery of photos from before and after the wedding.
We some some of my family in March of 2001.
We had lots of fun at Christmas of 2000.
In June of 2000 I saw my brother Pete in California.
Here's a cool family holiday page from just after Christmas 1999.

For pictures of our children, please visit the kids page.

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