Summer 2003

In the summer of 2003 we had a wonderful adventure in southern Utah and southeastern Colorado.

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Pre-camping trip fun
Linda's sister Karen came down from Washington with her boys and then her Dad and Elaine stopped by.

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all the kids
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tn-13.JPG (5597 bytes)
rocket time
tn-14.JPG (3934 bytes)
blast off
tn-15.JPG (4728 bytes)
major league catch

Our camping trip started in Moab and Arches National Park

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flaming marshmellows
tn-22.JPG (2842 bytes)
delicate arch
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tn-24.JPG (3670 bytes)
tn-25.JPG (4617 bytes)
double arch

Then we headed down to Mesa Verde

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Connor an me
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camping fun
tn-34.JPG (4243 bytes)
cliff dwelings
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cliff dwelings
tn-36.JPG (5816 bytes)
princess Linda
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cliff dwellings
tn-38.JPG (4775 bytes)
all of us
tn-39.JPG (4415 bytes)
cliff dwelings
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On the ride back we stopped at Four Corners and then by the side of the road for fireworks

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the four corners
tn-42.JPG (3501 bytes)
roadside hot dogs
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tn-44.JPG (3656 bytes)
it's getting late
tn-45.JPG (4883 bytes)
all of us

Finally we celebrated CD and Linda's birthdays

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CD's 12
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birthday girl
tn-53.JPG (5496 bytes)
Linda's 29, again
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happy people

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