My work adventures

I currently work for IMCentric as the Director of Product Management.  We provide tools for companies to manage their PKI certificates.  As a product manager, my primary responsibility is to define specific requirements for what the engineering team produces.

I spent several years at Novell, a computer software company based in Provo, Utah. I held a few different positions product management, corporate strategy and systems engineering.  I managed the ZENworks and DirXML (currently Identity Integrator) product lines.

I've traveled to many locations during my career both domestically and internationally.   I've managed to hit 48 of the US states and South Africa, Japan, Koala Lumpor, Singapore, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Bahamas and Korea.  Here's a few places I've been:

Europe - March 2004, Netherlands and CeBIT
Barcelona - Europe 2002
- SE Training 2001
Helsinki, Finland & Nice, France - Europe 2001
South Africa - Johanesburg South Africa
Tahoe - Lake Tahoe for the Gilder TeleCosm Conference

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