Europe, March 2004

Amsterdam & Hanover

I had a very busy business trip to Europe this go around.   I flew into Amsterdam and rode around through the Netherlands visiting customers.  Then we drove to Hanover, Germany for the worlds largest trade show, CeBIT.  Amsterdam is now my favorite city in the world, what a wonderful place.

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Amsterdam has many canals Windmills can be old fashion Or they can be modern
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The flower market in Amsterdam is just beautiful It's filled with fresh flowers all year round Even the roads are painted with the bulbs of the area The Netherlands is a very clean, tidy and pretty place.  This was a typical front lawn in a small town.
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I was in Europe for a large trade show call CeBIT But in Europe things are a little different.   I was there to announce a new product version called "Midas". Paul was my host during my trip.
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I was struck by all the transportation possiblities in the Netherlands.  The bicycle rules above all. But you could rollerblade if you choose. They embrace their surroundings, here's an example of a road too narrow for two lanes, so they overlapped them.


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