wood anyone!

Current Project:
I'm currently building a chest of drawers to match the headboard I completed.  This is my first chest of drawers.
After working with computers all day, working with wood is a great way to relax.  My friend Chris got me started in about 1992.  I started (like many) with a radial arm saw from sears, which was supposed to do everything - and which ended up to be a very minor tool in my shop.  My primary design goal is simple: for the things I make to last 300 years.  It's not a difficult goal to achieve, but it does required looking a bit of looking to the past.  I combine modern tools with age old techniques.  I wouldn't give up my table saw - or my hand planes, and I prefer a scraper to sandpaper.

Here are some of the projects I've completed:

I built a headboard for our guest room.  I'm still working on the matching chest of drawers.
headboard-vsmall.jpg (8192 bytes)

Once I got my shop set up in my new house, my first project was a bookcase.

I built a really cool sleigh bed for my son Connor

My workbench is the central point of my shop.  It's 7' long, made of maple, with an enclosed tail vise and a face vise.  A favorite project.  Click here for details.

My first major project was a bed and nightstands for my daughter.  Details here.

Here's a cool collection of bowls I turned for gifts for Christmas 2004.

My first "perfect" drawer was in this table I made for my sister Sally.  Details.

I built this chest for an auction at my kid's school.  Details.
I moved from a 150 square foot cramped shop to a great new one.  Details.

Once I learned to sharpen a blade, I acquired a preference for hand tools.  Details.
I built a cool humidor.
Here's the first jewelry box I made.
One Christmas I made a bunch of boxes. Miscellaneous projects.

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