CD, Connor, Sally & Jim visit Utah, xmas '99

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xmass9901.jpg xmass9902.jpg xmass9903.jpg xmass9904.jpg xmass9905.jpg
the playstation look holiday beard downtime cold out there hugs
xmass9906.jpg xmass9907.jpg xmass9908.jpg xmass9909.jpg xmass9910.jpg
snowballs snowshowers I snowshowers II snowshowers III on the way
xmass9911.jpg xmass9912.jpg xmass9913.jpg xmass9914.jpg xmass9915.jpg
ski connor ski CD snowbird reading time marbles I
xmass9916.jpg xmass9917.jpg xmass9918.jpg xmass9919.jpg xmass9920.jpg
marbles II marbles III marbles IV Jim & Sally snow angel I
xmass9921.jpg xmass9922.jpg xmass9923.jpg xmass9924.jpg xmass9925.jpg
snow angel II snow angel III sundance lunch smile lunch smiles II
xmass9926.jpg xmass9927.jpg xmass9928.jpg xmass9929.jpg xmass9930.jpg
holiday beard garlic bread vintage port juggling homestead lunch
xmass9931.jpg xmass9932.jpg xmass9933.jpg xmass9934.jpg xmass9935.jpg
homestead fountain so proud Jim & Connor Sally & CD Jim & Sally
xmass9936.jpg xmass9937.jpg xmass9938.jpg xmass9939.jpg xmass9940.jpg
group dinner Scott's salmon Sally & Jim new years dinner Y2K
xmass9941.jpg xmass9942.jpg xmass9943.jpg xmass9944.jpg xmass9945.jpg
juggling sledding sledding sledding sledding
xmass9946.jpg xmass9947.jpg xmass9948.jpg xmass9949.jpg xmass9950.jpg
sledding the grill dinner hugs Jim
xmass9951.jpg xmass9952.jpg xmass9953.jpg xmass9954.jpg xmass9955.jpg
shoveling frozen lake frozen lake tubing CD, computer guru

Cool Videos  

Heber Fish Hatchery Ever wonder how the local streams produce enough trout to support all that fishing?
Our Y2K party We ushered in the year 2000 in style
Sledding This first time was on plastic disks
Snow shoveling & the frozen lake We got 5 inches of snow during the night... then we headed out to the frozen lake
Tubing We graduated to innertubes


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