When Linda's boss, J.L. found out we were going to Spain, he got all excited.  He has relatives living near there that have collected their family history.  He very much wanted to get a hold of it, so he asked us to go there since it was only about 1:15 out of the city.  Thus began our adventure.  We started with the subway and 2 changes later were on a train - heading the wrong way.  We found the right train and after another 45 minutes, we were way out in the country waiting for a connecting train.  While waiting for the second train Linda made friends with a woman who eventually walked us right to our final destination.  Four and a half hours after  we left our hotel...  The return trip was the easy one, at just about an hour and a half.

helpful train mates Centelles train station The pastry shop
Telefono The meeting Pastisseria


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